South Korea is at the forefront of modern education in the world

South Korea may be the country to fulfill the dream of higher education. Because keeping pace with the development of the country

the quality of education there is also much improved.

Today, South Korea is at the peak of development through knowledge, science, technology and economic prosperity.

Education and research have given South Korea the status of one of the best inventors in the world.

Korea regularly ranks first in the world education system rankings.

Seoul National University recently ranked 29th in the QS World University Rankings, a UK-based institution.

The university is seven steps ahead of the previous year.

▶Universities such as Seoul National University, Kyist, Korea University, Yonsei, Aju, Kyunghi and Inha are spreading the light of education in Korea.

▶There are more than 200 universities in South Korea.

The standard of education in these universities is almost equal. One is constantly competing to surpass the other.

▶Not politics, research is predominant here.

The Korean government invests 5 percent of GDP in research alone.

There are more than two thousand Bangladeshi students in South Korea.

Most of them are doing Masters or PhD with scholarship.

Korea is competing in various innovations through engineering and research in parallel with all the renowned universities of the world.

Life will be much easier if you take an idea of ​​the language,

Most of the scholarships for foreign students are from the Professor’s Fund.

South Korea is also a place of great potential for employment after graduation.

The country officially provides Global Korea Scholarships in higher education every year.

Scholarship students get financial benefits in all other sectors including tuition fees.🔱