Commending the birthday of famous fiction author Humayun Ahmed in Gazipur

The 74th birthday celebration of famous fiction author Humayun Ahmed was commended in different occasions. At 12:01 PM in Nuhash Palli, Gazipur, the birthday festivity began with the lighting of 1,740 candles.

Humayun Ahmed in Gazipur
Humayun Ahmed in Gazipur

In the first part of the day Humayun Ahmed’s significant other Meher Afroz Shaon, two children Nishat and Ninit cut the cake with the author’s fans. Before this, blossoms are paid to the creator’s grave, the grave is visited and petitions to God are appealed to God for the absolution of the spirit.

Nuhash town supervisor Saiful Islam Bulbul said that Meher Afroz Shaon came to Nuhash town with his two children the earlier evening. At 12:01 PM, representatives of Nuhash Palli lit 1074 candles and began the birthday program. Humayun Ahmed’s fans have been coming to Nuhash Palli since morning.

It ought to be noticed that Humayun Ahmed was brought into the world on 13 November 1948 in Kutubpur town of Kendua Upazila of Netrakona. He kicked the bucket on July 19, 2012 while going through treatment in an American clinic. Later he was covered under a litchi tree in Nuhash Palli, Gazipur.