What should the gods be worshiped with

What should the gods be worshiped with

What should the gods be worshiped with?

We perform puja before starting any auspicious work. In our scriptures, auspicious deeds mean marriage, food intake, sadhabhakshana, naming, upanayana, initiation, graharambha, grahapravesh, deity establishment, vipanyarambha, grahapuja etc.

We perform auspicious deeds by judging the specific day, time, planets and stars of this auspicious work. But we all do puja daily morning and evening at home.

  • If you worship East God Goddess and Panchadevata Ganesha, Durga, Sun God, Shiva and Vishnu in your home, you will have happiness, prosperity and peace in your home.
  • First, we will start the puja after the achaman is purified. Chant Om Vishnu three times. Vishnu and Narayana with tulsi leaves, white sandalwood, white fragrant flowers.
  • Narayana should not be worshiped with billapatra. Vishnu is the Sustainer. Then perform the puja of Gurudev, Gurudev should be worshiped with tulsi or billapatra, durba and fragrant flowers and Gurudev should be bowed down with the following mantras.
  • That is, Gurudeva is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadeva. Gurudev is the Supreme Brahman. So I bow to the Guru again and again. Gurudev is the only one who shows light in the darkness of our life. Only Gurudev can be worshiped with tulsi or billapatra.
  • Then Ganesh puja should be done with red jaba flowers, red sandalwood, durba and modak. Puja should not be performed with tulsi leaves. If we worship Durga, Kali etc.
  • with red jaba or red flowers, red sandalwood, red vermilion, red chunri (sari), durba, betel nut, betel nut, mother will give us knowledge, intelligence, knowledge and strength.
  • Suryadev should be worshiped with red jaba. Offering water to Suryadev in the morning fills the mind. Gain respect and establishment. Shiva puja should be done at home with water and bill leaves and white flowers.
  • The white akanda flower is a favorite of Shiva. Mahadev should not be worshiped with Tulsi leaves. If you sincerely worship Shiva and call him with your heart,

he is soon pleased.

What should the gods be worshiped with

Today I will tell you a trick, if you are not getting any work done, work is not successful then worship Ganesha every Wednesday with durba grass, red jaba flowers and modak or laddu for five consecutive Wednesdays, Om Gong Ganapataye Namah, chanting the mantra 108 times. If you do that work will be successful.

In the next episode we will discuss the Ayurvedic properties and benefits of pujas like Tulsi, Bill Patra, Durba, etc.