Giants, Dodgers not so lucky in the Twitter verse

Twitter is a hub for sports fans and celebrity interviews. The social network has been the go-to place to get up-to-the minute reactions and insights from athletes, coaches, analysts, and celebrities. So it should come as no surprise that when Major League Baseball Network tweeted Giants/Dodgers not so lucky in the Twitter verse, they were talking about how neither team has won 4 of the last 11 World Series.

Those two teams have made 11 appearances in the Fall Classic over that stretch. The Yankees are not far behind them with 10 appearances during that span. While it’s true both the Giants and Dodgers have not won, it’s also true they aren’t exactly new to this whole pennant race thing. Maybe the Twitter verse shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss teams that don’t win it all every single year.

The LA Galaxy are one of those teams who you might assume is new to the whole pennant race thing. Because, well, they aren’t that great at it. The Galaxy has won just one MLS Cup in the last 10 seasons 2007, and haven’t made a run to the finals since 2011. That’s why when Galaxy fans started celebrating on Twitter after LA beat Dallas 4-2 this weekend, people were quick to tell them to tone it down. At least until people caught wind of this tweet from the team itself.

The Galaxy might not have done much winning lately, but they are pretty great at getting their fans to make fools of themselves on Twitter. Usually by reminding us that Beckham used to play for the team or turning Emmanuel Boateng into a sensation while singing his praises. But hey, they are at least doing something right.

Thanks to Matthew Doyle for bringing this tweet into the light. Side note: MLS Analyst now has its own radio show , so if you want to hear about soccer in America on your commute, you should check it out.

The show airs on Sports Radio America or you can listen to the podcast below. They cover all things MLS and it’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening in American soccer.

It was a big weekend for Major League Soccer in Canada as the Montreal Impact made their first appearance in the CONCACAF Champions League Final since the tournament was rebooted back in 2008.

This is the best chance any Canadian team has ever had at winning this trophy, but still many people are wary of making too much noise about it. The lack of respect for MLS teams across North America has been a huge obstacle for these clubs. Montreal had yet to defeat Mexican opposition in this competition until last week’s win over Pachuca.

And even at their best, this Impact team has been aggressive and clinical on the counterattack rather than overwhelming opponents through possession or any sort of real attack.