Jorge Masvidal Unveils Flying Knee KO at AEW Show to Floor Chris Jericho

Jorge Masvidal has had many iconic moments in his career, but none may be more legendary than the flying knee KO he delivered to Chris Jericho at the All Elite Wrestling Show. After Jericho insulted Masvidal’s wife and mother on social media, Masvidal accepted a challenge by AEW to recreate his knockout of Y2J with an even more devastating result. The UFC star made good on his promise by delivering a brutal head kick that floored Jericho for an 8-count. Jericho, who had previously stated he was unafraid of knockouts, took the KO like a champ.

To celebrate the iconic moment in MMA where Masvidal went full-on WWE superstar on Jericho, we cut together some of the highlights to craft what could be our next intro package for Breaking Point. Check it out below!

It’s undeniable at this point, and Jorge Masvidal proves it the only way he knows how – by KOing him with a flying knee to the dome.

And here we thought it would be impossible for Chris Jericho to get knocked out again after seeing him taking L’s from Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and now Jorge Masvidal. The guy is really at the wrong place at the wrong time; every time he gets in the ring with someone else, he’s gonna end up eating some serious punishment.

He made it out of their fight looking like a cartoon character who got burned to a crisp, then thrown into an incinerator.

But hey, at least he has his sense of humor intact. Let’s be real here – if Jericho didn’t have any flair for comedy, he wouldn’t have made all those hilarious WWE appearances over the years, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he got up and posed for the cameras even after taking a vicious flying knee to the face. And just like all of his previous matches, it ended with him showing off his sense of humor. Well, at least he looks better than Alistair Overeem does in this one:

Speaking of Overeem, he has his next fight lined up in Bellator against Javy Ayala at Bellator 225 on June 7th. Is it weird that we actually have a feeling the outcome of this fight will be even more brutal than Masvidal’s flying knee? I mean, at least I can see Masvidal trying to survive the onslaught from Ayala.

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We won’t be seeing Chris Jericho compete inside the cage, but hey – he can always find new ways to get himself some attention again. Why not fight with an MMA star in AEW? It worked perfectly for Masvidal…

If anyone is brave enough to take this one on, we would totally watch it. Even if it’s just a stunt for publicity, we would totally watch it.

Then again… maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Jericho decided to call out Masvidal yet again? Just like he did back in September at AEW Fight For The Dream when he walked up to the star and told him “I got your belt right here,” Jericho has once again found a way to get the attention of Masvidal.

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