How the Portuguese TV channel asked Ronaldo to leave the 2024 Euro

Even before the start of the new season, there were rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit. No one bought the ‘old’ Ronaldo in the summer transfer window. Staying at Manchester United was a kind of compulsion.

CR Seven is not having a good time there either. Spending days warming up the bench. Many have started to see the end of Ronaldo with the World Cup. However, Ronaldo himself is not seeing the end right now. He said, the road is very long. After the World Cup, he wants to play in the Euro 2024.

Even though he did not see the end yet, a Portuguese television channel signaled Ronaldo’s departure in a different way.

Speaking at the Quinas de Oro gala organized by the Portuguese Football Federation, Portugal’s futsal legend Ricardoinho said, “I am stepping down from the national team so that the new generation can take over.” Today I think this decision was correct.

As Ricardinho talked about ushering in the new generation, TV cameras showed Ronaldo’s face in the stands. In the same event, Ronaldo said, he wants to play longer.

After a simple start to the new season, Ronaldo has joined the national team during the international break. Portugal will play against Czech Republic and Spain in UEFA Nations League matches.

Earlier, Ronaldo spoke about his future after receiving the best goal scorer award given by the Portuguese Football Federation. “It’s a long road,” said CR Seven. But I want to say, the road is not over yet. I feel very motivated, my aspirations are high. I want to be a part of this World Cup and I am thinking of playing Euro 2024 as well.’

Reacting to receiving the award, Ronaldo also said on social media Instagram, ‘I am proud to win the best goal scorer award for the national team of the country I love. Thanks to all my teammates, coaches, family, friends and fans. They helped me achieve this. Together we want to break as many records as possible. Thank you.’