woman showing her skin itching behind , with allergy rash urticaria symptoms

Does soap prevent allergies?

Many people are suffering from various skin diseases including allergies and eczema. Today we will learn about soap to prevent allergies from a specialist doctor.

In an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Everyday, the professor of the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Dr. Masuda Khatun. The program was conducted by nutritionist Nusrat Jahan Deepa.

For those who have allergy problems, do you suggest any medicated soap instead of normal soap or liquid soap? Masuda Khatun said, yes, we suggest. Soaps that have glycerin, bodywashes, we say these or soaps, body washes or lotions that have ceramides, we use them. So the baby should be bathed in a short time and wiped well, but the baby should be given lotion. She has to wear a full sleeve dress with lotion.

This is the case with children. In the case of adults … adults usually take a bath, there is no need to apply lotion on the body and when adults or children take a bath with olive oil, less oil will come out of their skin. Her skin will be easily hydrated or she can take a bath with olive oil or coconut oil. Those whose skin is very dry, but also suffer from allergies.

In winter, the amount of etching increases a lot, said Professor. Masuda Khatun said one of the reasons for the increase is dry skin. Itchy skin for dryness. For this etching you need to moisturize two or three times. Once after bath, once at night, if you can do it again, that is also good.

Only moisturizing can prevent this dry skin. The other is that those who have little during the year, increase when winter comes.

Click on the video above to learn more about soap or allergy prevention.