Adnan Sunny's surprise

Adnan Sami lost weight and gave a surprise from Malaysia

Adnan Sami is an Indian musician of Pakistani descent. He recently visited the Maldives with his family. The singer has shared pictures of different moments of the family trip on the media page.

  • At one time this singer weighed 230 kg. He was in the discussion for his songs. In 2007, Adnan was on the verge of death with such a heavy body.
  • Because the doctors said that it would be difficult for this singer to survive if he could not lose excess weight.
  • After that, the singer started working hard to lose weight.

He said goodbye to 155 kg weight through strict diet and exercise. Going to Texas and taking the advice of a nutritionist,

he started to become dependent on protein by reducing carbohydrates. Could not exercise at first due to heavy body.

The body was so fat that it could not be bent.

As a result, he had to put more emphasis on controlling his eating habits.

He stopped eating white rice, bread, sugar and junk food completely. He followed strict rules.

Now, after losing the singer’s weight from Adnan’s Maldives diary, the netizen’s eyes widened when he saw the picture.


Adnan Sami lost weight
Adnan Sami lost weight

No one can believe such a physical change. The singer thinks that almost the whole issue of weight loss is mental.

Adnan Sami started a low calorie diet on the advice of nutritionists.

At that time he used to have breakfast every morning with a cup of tea without sugar.

He ate vegetables, salad and fish at noon. Dinner included boiled pulses and chicken.

Adhering to this food list, he lost 40 kg. Then started going to the gym.

In the gym he used to do free hand exercises first. After a few months, the trainer let him do weightlifting.

Then the star started to lose weight by 10 kg per month.

Thus, in 18 months, Sami’s weight came down to 155 kg. And now he weighs only 85 kg, which is unimaginable.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. He used to suffer from inferiority complex for being overweight.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Sami is now living happily with his wife and children.🔱