Ban on Dog Meat Suggested by South Korean President

South Korean president Moon Jae-in has recommended a restriction on canine meat in the country. He said, There are numerous passionate contentions for the two sides, however how about we simply say that restricting canine meat is one approach to show our general public’s ethical inner voice. The president offered this expression at an occasion facilitated by his official secretariat Wednesday evening.

The event was held to celebrate the publication of a book about President Moon’s two adopted dogs, Maru and Mugum. The president had invited an animal rights activist and an owner of a dog meat restaurant to the stage for a debate on dog meat consumption. A poll showed that 70 percent of Koreans supported a ban on dog meat consumption while only 19 percent were against the idea.

He said, I will be able to announce our society’s position on dog meat consumption during my term as the president, if needed. The event was broadcast live through Naver V app.

The president’s remarks came three weeks after his party proposed an amendment to Animal Protection Act which would put a stop to dog meat consumption in the country.

Animal rights groups and dog lovers welcome the president’s remarks while dog meat restaurants and dog farms oppose the idea. A representative of Korea Dog Farm said, The proposal is simply putting a halt to all livestock farming in South Korea by taking advantage of dogs being one of our livestock. The person also added that many dog meat restaurants are deprived of business due to the ongoing protest against the industry.

Various groups are organizing a rally in Seoul on August 26th to demand a complete prohibition of dog meat consumption. If the government takes stricter measures on the matter, it will be hard for people to freely eat dog meat without being judged by others in public spaces.

A representative of a dog meat restaurant said, If the government is going to implement a complete ban on dog meat consumption, it should also do the same for other livestock such as cows and pigs. Some people say that dogs are more emotional and friendly than livestock but this isn’t true at all.

I hope my business doesn’t get affected by this proposal.

People in Korea have been eating dog meat since the old days, and it’s a part of traditional culture that is still being practiced today. President Moon should be more considerate about the issue and try to understand how people feel about it before making such remarks on national television.

He added, I hope President Moon will stop just listening to the voices of a certain group and consider it from all angles.

A survey conducted by Gallup Korea in June showed that 80 percent of Koreans eat dog meat at least once or twice a year.