Terrifying Swarm of Bees Kills Dozens of Endangered African Penguins

The incident occurred on the island of Saint Helena, which is a British Overseas Territory. The island has one of the largest populations in Africa that are not found anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately for these animals, they were unable to protect themselves against this terrifying attack because they have no natural predators!

The bees arrived in the area when a cargo ship landed on Saint Helena. The port is located on the island, which was once used as a safe haven for pirates back in the day. The bees were not native to this island, but they fell from the crates that were shipped over during winter time when it is cold outside. As you can imagine, these bees were not happy to find themselves on a tropical island where the weather was warm and there were plenty of flowers. They decided to attack by swarming their victims and stinging them in the eyes until they died! The bee population has since dwindled after being hunted down, but it is still alarming that they have no natural predators on the island.

The African penguin is an extremely endangered species, but they were safe on this small island until the bees arrived to kill them. These birds breed and live on a few small islands in southern Africa before migrating north for winter time. They are only protected off the coast of Namibia, South Africa, and Mozambique. They

are a critically endangered species, and they don’t have many chances to breed or live long lives. This is why this small island was such a safe haven for them since no one ever visited the island!

Hundreds of penguins died from these bee attacks, which means that they could not reproduce at their normal rates. They also had difficulty surviving the winter time, which usually is a struggle for them since they live so far north. The African penguin is classified as being near-threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, but this bee attack could bring about some changes to their status in the future!

The extinction of these animals would be tragic because they are so unique to the rest of the world. Even though they are known for being flightless, these cute creatures are very capable of flying when it is time to migrate or to find new breeding grounds! They are found in colonies along coastal regions, and people often hunt them for their meat or skin.

Due to human interference in their environment, the African penguin population has been dwindling for a while now. This is why it was so alarming that they could die from bee attacks! Their numbers have been cut down by three fourths in just over 100 years, and they are considered to be endangered. People can help this species by being educated about them and their environment, protecting them in their natural habitats, and raising awareness about the tragic death of these penguins!


The animals that lived on Saint Helena Island were lucky to have survived until now, but the bee attack devastated this species. Now, only a few thousand of these birds remain because hundreds of them died from bee stings! This is why it is important for people to help protect wild African penguin populations as best as they can.

We hope that this unfortunate event that happened to these animals on Saint Helena Island never happens again! However, it is likely that other animals on the island could be threatened by bees if they decide to take up residence there. People need to make sure to protect the African penguin populations as best as possible because they are already extremely endangered.