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Fuel costs are falling in the UK

Because fuel oil is now less expensive on the global market, fuel oil prices have begun to decline in the UK. Each litre of gasoline has been decreased by 34 cents and that of diesel by 18 pence. Petrol has dropped by Tk 40 and diesel by Tk 21 per litre in Bangladeshi currency.

uk gas
uk gas

Government statistics show that fuel costs in the UK have reached their lowest point in four months. Since the start of this year, the price of fuel oil has been rising as a result of the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. Diesel prices peaked at 1 pound 99 pence per litre and gasoline at 1 pound 91 pence on July 4. Over four years, prices have gradually decreased. Costs have fallen one small step at a time over four months as of now retailing at £1.57 a liter for petrol and £1.81 a liter for diesel. Retailers acknowledge that this example of significant worth cuts could continue.

Different service stations in the Essex area of London were visited yesterday, with petrol being sold at £1.57 per liter and diesel at £1.83 per liter at the Shell petrol guide in Ballards Road, Dagenham. Lower fuel costs Every family will save £14 on oil and £10 on diesel each time they buy a full tank of fuel.

RAC Fuel delegate Simon Williams said it was clearly inspiring news that fuel costs had slid. In any case, the rate at which the expense has reduced at the markdown level has not lessened at the retail level. A restriction of 1 pound 53 pence per liter for petrol and 1 pound 75 pence for diesel.
The owner of Iso filling station in Dagenham, Shipu Khandkar, of Bangladeshi start, let Prothom Alo in on that as a result of the development in the expense of fuel oil, there has been a kind of bafflement and craze among the buyers over the latest two or three months. As the expenses plummeted, people seemed, by all accounts, to be feeling improved. If this example of falling costs continues, it won’t take long to return to the past average expenses.