Abdullah Shafique’s innings ‘best ever’ seen by Wasim Akram

No honors appear to be enough for Abdullah Shafiq. The innings he played against Sri Lanka in the Test yesterday at Galle International Stadium, which won Pakistan, is absolutely astounding! Wasim Akram thinks this is quite possibly of the best inning by Pakistani batsmen in Tests.

Pakistan won by pursuing an intense objective of 342 runs. This is the run pursue record. The manner in which Shafiq has batted against the Sri Lankan spinners on the wicket, just ‘legends’ recollect. Currently 22-year-old Shafiq is behind India’s Sunil Gavaskar (912), Australia’s Don Bradman (862) and West Indies’ George Hadley (730) subsequent to scoring 720 runs in his initial 6 Tests. Coming to their 6th Test, these three legends figured out how to score a larger number of runs than just Shafiq.

Shafiq’s innings (160 not out) at Galle is the longest run pursue in Test history. Batted 524 minutes. Prior Sri Lankan batsman Arvind de Silva batted 460 minutes against Zimbabwe in 1998.

Akram said Shafiq’s innings was quite possibly of the best inning he had at any point seen a Pakistani batsman play in Tests, “Extraordinary innings.

Commander Babar Azam has said that Shafiq will be truly outstanding on the planet, ‘as a youthful cricketer you need to do something incredible to show what you can do. He needs to do everything he possibly can in troublesome and various circumstances. Shafiq has done precisely that. He has demonstrated his guts. Demonstrated the way that much he can do. How certain he is. This innings against better quality bowling will help his certainty to improve in future. I genuinely want to believe that he can become perhaps of the best batsman in Pakistan as well as in world cricket.’