Salah in Liverpool for 3 more years with a salary of 4 crore per week

Once it was heard that Mo Salah would renew his contract, then the news came again, Liverpool will sell Mo Salah this season. Liverpool fans have been thinking of this swing for months.

Eventually it came to a standstill. Salah, who turned 30 last month, has renewed his three-year contract with the club.

Rumor has it in England that Salah’s salary will be 350,000 a week under the new contract. The amount in Bangladeshi currency is very high – about 4 crore rupees! Needless to say, Salah is set to become the highest paid player in Liverpool’s history.

The news of the renewal of the contract with Salah was confirmed on Liverpool’s Twitter account.

Salah’s previous contract with Liverpool is still a season away, but talks with the Egyptian forward to renew his contract have been under way for months. Salary was a big issue in Salah’s request.
It is rumored that he wants a salary of four lakh pounds a week. But Liverpool are not willing to pay so much for a person who has already crossed 30, even if it is a golden egg-laying duck.

Besides, Salah was also thinking about whether Liverpool would be a bit aggressive in the change of team or whether they would form a team to fight for the title in the future as well.

In that case, if there is no agreement between the two sides, Liverpool will release Salah for free next season, or sell him for a fair amount this season … Those discussions were also going on.

And the buzz around Salah is the regular presence of clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Juventus. But on the other hand, it seemed unlikely that Sadio Mane would be sold to Liverpool Salah this season as well. All in all, the buzz has moved once and for all.

Meanwhile, news came this morning that the two sides were close to an agreement, but at the last minute, Salah’s agent made some additional demands, in which the negotiation of the agreement was different.

It is rumored that Liverpool’s new sports director Julian Ward and his team have gone where Salah is spending his summer holidays. Meanwhile, Salah’s agent Radhami Abbas Isa tweeted a funny emoji and added a buzz to the buzz.

However, such tweets have been made by Radhimi Abbas Isa several times before. That’s why former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher tagged him and tweeted, ‘Everyone in Liverpool likes your client.

However, if he finally leaves at the end of the contract next season, everyone will say goodbye to him. But we are not willing to suffer like this tweet for the next 12 months.
Of course, there are rumors of a new obstacle in the renewal of the contract.

Liverpool’s official Twitter account re-tweeted a ‘what else to do’ emoji with a tweet from Radhimi Abbas Isa, then the buzz went wild. What’s really going on?