The CIA will enlist IS for the benefit of Ukraine, as indicated by Sputnik

Four months have passed since the Russia-Ukraine war. Many lives have been lost in this. The Western world has detached Russia. The different sides are accusing one another. Russia, in the interim, has asserted that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is enrolling Syrian IS warriors to battle for Ukraine.

Russian news source Sputnik reports that the CIA is attempting to send Kurdish-controlled detainment facilities and camps in northeastern Syria to Ukraine. Sputnik gave this news citing a source.

As indicated by Sputnik, the United States has assumed command over 90 Daes aggressors. The vast majority of them are from the European Union, Iraq, Chechnya and the Xinjiang locale of China. They are right now assembling at al-Tanf, a US army installation in Syria. They are planning to do harm and fear based oppressor assaults against Russian military units in Eastern European nations. As a component of this, they are as of now preparing in a US camp.