Police case for cutting birthday cake

Police case for cutting birthday cake

Police case for cutting birthday cake

Birthday means something special. And so many people celebrate this special day with special events. Now birthday means cake cutting has become one of the rituals. Not only that, birthdays mean a lot of fun, partying and singing.

But an incident happened on the day of the birthday in Mumbai, India, which really surprised many. What is the event? A video recently went viral on social media showing a 17-year-old boy cutting his birthday cake with a sword.

The incident took place in Borivali, Mumbai. In a report on September 19, the Indian media Times of India reported this information.

According to the report, a 17-year-old Indian teenager took up the hobby of cutting a birthday cake with a sword, even though it only works with a plastic knife. And fulfilling that hobby, he has to run away from the police for the time being.

According to the media, the teenager celebrated his birthday with his friends last Friday. But not at home. A busy road in Mumbai was chosen as the venue for the birthday celebration. The teenager cut 20 cakes named after him in front of pedestrians. And in his hand was a long steel sword. 20 cakes are cut with that sword.

A video of the incident on Friday went viral on social media two days later. The matter also came to the notice of the Mumbai Police. After watching the video, the police registered a case against the teenager. A complaint was filed under the Arms Act.

In the viral video, the teenager is seen cutting 20-21 cakes on the table with a sword. Behind him, his friends are clapping and cheering him on. This video also spread in multiple WhatsApp groups.

Police case for cutting birthday cake

According to the police, this incident took place between 9:00 and 9:30 on Friday night. Mumbai Police said in their statement that the incident took place in Borivali area of ​​Mumbai.

According to media reports, a case was registered against the teenager after a journalist went to Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle and posted the video of this strange birthday celebration. According to the Mumbai Police, a teenager committed this crime between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm on Friday. All the friends were standing around the boy in front of the cake placed on the table.

However, despite filing a complaint, the teenager could not be arrested. According to the police, he has been missing since the incident. Police have started searching for him.

Such incidents are not new in Mumbai. Earlier in January last year, the police arrested two youths on the charge of cutting the cake with a sword. In the recent incident, the police registered a case against the teenager for illegal possession of weapons and intimidation by displaying them in public.