This is the Mumbai experience

Ajmeri Haque Bandhan is acting in Netflix film Khufiya directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, this is old news. A few days ago, the teaser of the film also showed glimpses of Bandhan. New news, although the teaser has been released, the work of the film has not yet been completed. The Bangladeshi actress went to Mumbai again to shoot Khufiya. He returned to Dhaka on Monday morning after shooting. Tabu of Bollywood has been found as a co-star in Tana shooting. Six months ago, the film was shot in Delhi, this time in Mumbai Film City.

Bandhan told Prothom Alo that the length of his character in the movie is not very long, but most of the scenes are with Tabu. Bandhan is overwhelmed to have an artist like Tabu as his co-artist. He said, ‘Sharing the screen with him is a great achievement for me. The experience of working with people like him enriches me. There is nothing special to say about his performance. He is also extraordinary as a person.

Khufiyar was shot on the 5th floor of Mumbai Film City. Tabu’s character in the movie is Krishna Mehra, a Bengali woman. Sharing the experience of working with Tabu, Bandhan said, ‘It would have been difficult for me to act if he had not given me support and comfort. Working with an actor like Ek Toh Tabu is a new place for him. The whole thing was a big challenge for me.

Bandhan shared his experience of shooting in words, he appeared in the shooting before the scheduled time. The same happened in Mumbai. A day ago, he went and saw that Tabu also came 10-15 minutes before the shooting. Later they talked about various topics in the vanity van for some time. Bandhan praised Vishal Bharadwaj in the context of the speech, ‘I got the opportunity to work with a director like him. He is a very good hearted person, very down to earth.