Pilgrims visit historical sites in Makkah

The formality of Hajj is starting next Wednesday. Earlier, pilgrims performed prayers at the Grand Mosque and toured the historical sites of Islam in Makkah. They are going to travel in small groups on their own initiative or in the hired bus of the agency.
Jabale Nur or Hera mountain near Kaaba Sharif in Makkah. It is very difficult to climb this mountain. Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) used to climb this mountain regularly. It takes a quarter of an hour to ascend Jabal Nur mountain, and it takes half an hour to descend. The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to meditate on this mountain. The Holy Quran was first revealed here. Jabal in Arabic means mountain, Jabal Nur means mountain of light. There are paved roads in some parts of the hill. Some cars go up to him. Then the stairs made by cutting the hill started. It is written on the signboard here, Jabale Noor’s height is 565 meters; That is more than half a kilometer high. Shops and houses have sprung up on both sides of the paved road.

He climbed the stairs crookedly. In some places the stairs are quite steep.

Mohammad Mozammel Haque, from Kotwali in Mymensingh, said as he climbed the stairs, “When there were no roads, how did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) regularly travel to the caves on the top of this hill?” How could Khadija (ra) go here with food for Nabiji (ra)? ‘

Jabale Saur
Jabale Saur is about three miles from Kaaba Sharif. Jabal means mountain, Sao means cave. On his way from Makkah to Madinah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) took refuge in the cave of this mountain with Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) to escape from the hands of the enemy. They stayed in this cave for three days and three nights. Enemies came very close to the cave in search. But seeing the cobwebs in the mouth of the cave, they went back. However, there is a signboard prohibiting visitors from climbing the hill. Even after that the pilgrims came to visit this hill.

Pilgrims also visit Jannatul Ma’ala Cemetery, Jinn Mosque. Jannatul Ma’ala is located on the east side of the Masjidul Haram. The famous cemetery of Mecca. There is no grave here, no nameplate on the grave. A person on duty said that the grave of Bibi Khadija (ra) is here.

Jinn in the mosque
Jinn in the mosque near Jannatul Ma’ala Cemetery. Pilgrims perform prayers in this beautiful mosque.
Makkah Museum, a factory for making Kaaba ghilaf in Makkah Ummul Jud area. Next to it there is a system to see the old things used in the two mosques.

53 thousand 37 pilgrims have come
Since the start of the Hajj flight, 147 flights have arrived in Saudi Arabia till Saturday. 53,038 Bangladeshi pilgrims. The return flight will start on July 14 after the end of Hajj. So far 11 pilgrims have died in Saudi Arabia. Among them 6 are male and 4 are female pilgrims.