Mia Khalifa bought Lebanese wine 1969

Mia Khalifa bought Lebanese wine 1969

Mia Khalifa bought Lebanese wine 1969

Mia Khalifa bought a bottle of wine by spending three thousand US dollars a few days ago,

although she does not drink much; If calculated in Bangladeshi currency, it is close to 3 lakh taka.

The reason a bottle of wine costs so much is because the wine is a 1969 Lebanese wine.

Something different has worked in buying it.

Because Mia Khalifa’s birthplace is Lebanon.

He cannot go there.

  • But, there’s nothing stopping you from buying native wines.
  • That is why he bought that wine.
  • After buying it, he took a picture with the bottle and posted it on social media and wrote, “My friends thought I was crazy.”
  • I am not healthy. However, I spent three thousand US dollars (two lakh 37 thousand 645 taka) and bought wine.
  • By buying this wine I touched the history of Lebanon.
  • He also writes, This wine is not just wine to me.
  • Rather, this wine evokes the happy Lebanon that existed long before civil war, Beirut explosions, economic collapse, airstrikes, heartbreaks, immigration, political repression, socioeconomic problems.

Mia Khalifa bought Lebanese wine 1969

He also writes that, over time, this white may have become slightly dark and sour.

Much like its place of origin. But this wine tasted very nice.

After sipping, a taste of honey and butter lingered on my tongue.

I was surprised to see that. Smooth as whiskey.

But its sweetness is long-lasting. It is also like its place of origin.

The former porn star claims that the Lebanese only know how to love.

He writes, the people of Lebanon want to eat and drink on land.

They want to dance forever and die in peace on their own soil.

The Lebanese want to be buried in the soil where this magical grape grows.