Ladies support Olympic-style marathon in Bohol

72 female marathon runners will contend in the Olympic-style Sun Life 5150 Triathlon opening up on July 10 in Bohol.

There are nine age-bunch classes in the ladies’ side of the 1.5-kilometer swim, 40-km bicycle and 10-km run contest including the Sprint distance competitions to be held at the marathon center point at Bellevue Resort on Panglao Island.

Twelve are contending in the hand-off all-female and 10 more in the transfer blended. In the mean time, 26 others including amateurs needing to submerge themselves into the game are on the list of the Sunrise Sprint.

Kin Edna and Erna Agoo, alongside Camille Arce, Patricia Belido, Janina Garcia and Isabel Piccio title the field in the 30-34 age division while Ilyn Andale, Joy Fernandez, Celeste Laquian, Angela Sangel and Megan Yu lead the 35-39 cast in the occasion.

Least wellbeing conventions will likewise be upheld, as indicated by the getting sorted out The IRONMAN Group/Sunrise Events, Inc.

There are five unfamiliar sections to be specific United Kingdom’s Emily Miller (30-34) and Jo Cudmore (55-59), Japanese Kaoiri Dezaki (35-39) and Mayu Kohno (45-49) and Malaysia’s Noraziah Abd Manaf (40-44) to brighten up the race.

Bannering the 25-29 side are Anne Relova, Jessica Resch, Jam Gonzalez and Khimberly Paguibot while Jackie Reazon, Ma. Elena Santos, Diana Gellane and Jessiel Leonidas lead the pursuit in the 40-44 class of the occasion set up by Sun Life.

Other age divisions including 15-19, 20-24, 45-49, 50-54 and 55-59.

Additionally on tap are the highlight men’s individual and hand-off and blended transfer contests.