Jamie Lynn Slams Britney For ‘Compromising’ Her With a Cease and Desist After Saying She Should’ve Been ‘Slapped’

Based on Jamie Lynn Spears’ reaction to Britney Spears’ order to stop all activities, things are starting to settle the score uglier between these fighting sisters. The Netflix star’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, just sent a letter to Britney’s lawful group excusing their cases about Jamie Lynn’s new book, Things I Should Have Said.

In the letter, which was gotten by TMZ and Page Six on January 19, 2022, Jamie Lynn’s legal counselor hit back at Britney’s baffling choice to give an order to shut everything down regardless of her new abominable proclamations via online media about the Sweet Magnolias star. As an underlying matter, in your Letter you express that Britney will pursue the ‘more responsible option.’ However, just today your customer posted awful explanations via online media concerning Jamie Lynn,Freedman composed, apparently referring to Britney’s new Instagram post where she composed that she out to have been slapped her sister and mom Lynne Spears during a past occurrence.

Jamie Lynn’s legal advisor proceeded to take note of that the Nickelodeon alum and her family have gotten rehashed demise dangers because of this dramatization. As you most likely are aware from past web-based media posts, Jamie Lynn has had her youngsters fiercely undermined, and we have presumably that these new scary and compromising online media presents will lead on comparable dangers of savagery, Freedman added. All things considered, online media posts that incorporate cyberbullying which make demise dangers Jamie Lynn and her family, is neither the ‘more respectable option,’ nor anything that will be endured.

The letter proceeded to take note of that Jamie Lynn is likewise an individual from the Spears family who has endured her own encounters and her own injury

prior to asserting that Britney’s lawful group fizzled to determine any legitimate bad behavior at all

Jamie Lynn trusts that there will no further postings or provocative letters being shipped off the media, the note proceeded. Past coming clean, and denying the claims against her, as a mother, Jamie Lynn needs to secure her youngsters and can’t keep on being exposed to death dangers, and different postings hinting actual brutality against her and her family. Jamie Lynn upholds Britney and as usual, she trusts she can get the mending, harmony, and opportunity she legitimately merits.

Jamie Lynn’s reaction comes only one day after Britney’s attorney Matthew Rosengart-who addressed her when Britney’s conservatorship was ended in December 2021-gave an order to stop all activities for the benefit of the pop star over her sister’s abusive and not well coordinated book, Things I Should Have Said.

Rosengart’s letter proceeded, You surprisingly know the maltreatment and bad behavior Britney needed to suffer during the conservatorship, after at first growing up with a ‘ruinous,’ alcoholic dad. Indeed, your own book supposedly expresses that your dad ‘went through the majority of my time on earth in that pattern of ruinous conduct.

Rosengart finished the letter by compromising Jamie Lynn with lawful activity in the event that she doesn’t quit discussing Britney slanderously in the press

You as of late allegedly expressed that the book was ‘not with regards to her.’ She trusts you and we, hence, request that you stop this instant from referring to Britney disparagingly during your special mission, the letter read. Assuming that you neglect to do as such or criticize her, Britney will be compelled to consider and make all suitable legitimate move.

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