China called the United States a thug

China called the United States a thug

China called the United States a thug

China has resumed military exercises around Taiwan.

Although the drill scheduled to end on Sunday (August 7) ​​due to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan,

the Chinese military conducted new air and sea exercises on Monday (August 8).

Beijing says Washington is giving a “thug-like” interpretation of Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, which is in no way acceptable.

Although China’s massive military exercises were supposed to end on Sunday due to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in defiance of all sanctions,

they continued on Monday.

Since this morning, the Chinese military has conducted a large-scale exercise by sea and air.

In a statement, Beijing said military exercises are ongoing.

In this newly started exercise, special priority is being given to maritime operations along with anti-submarine attacks.

However, no specific information has been given regarding the exact area in which the exercise is being conducted.

The Chinese military did not even say how long the exercise would last

China called the United States a thug

Analysts believe that Beijing is showing its strength to continue the pressure on Taiwan.

China has used warships, warplanes as well as missiles in this huge exercise that started last Thursday (August 4) in protest of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

5 of these missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Tokyo alleged.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said that the US is aware of China’s ongoing military exercises around Taiwan.

He also said that the whole situation is being closely monitored.

On the other hand, Beijing says that the US explanation of Pelosi’s visit to Taipei is “gangster-like”.

It is also threatened that the United States will have to pay for such a visit by Pelosi, rejecting Chinese sovereignty and the one-China policy.