Taliban-supporting minister killed in IS attack in Kabul

An unquestionable Afghan minister was killed in an implosion bomb influence in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. He goes by Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani. He maintained the Taliban and pushed women’s tutoring, the BBC reported.

Taliban-supporting minister killed in IS attack in Kabul.jpg
Taliban-supporting minister killed in IS attack in Kabul.jpg

A Taliban source let Reuters in on that an attacker conveyed explosives inside a prosthetic leg and set off the effect. This shoot happened zeroing in on the severe trailblazer Rahimullah.

The Islamic State (IS) pack attested risk in regards to the blockading, saying the effect happened inside his office. According to neighborhood media reports, the attack happened in an Islamic enlightening establishment in Kabul.

He was among the biggest number of people killed in the country since the Taliban returned to drive the prior year.

Sheik Haqqani was a partner of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and an obvious savant of the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (IS-K). ISK is a regional auxiliary of IS, which works in Afghanistan and conflicts with Taliban rule.

A senior Taliban official told Reuters news association that it was a tremendous mishap for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Experts are investigating who is behind the attack.

This cleric gave a fatwa or severe statement supporting women’s tutoring. In a gathering with the BBC as of late, she battled that Afghan women and young women should save the honor to preparing. He said, “There is no help for saying that women’s tutoring isn’t allowed in Shariah [law].

Close to the end in 2020, IS blockaded a severe school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Something like seven people were killed. Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani persevere through the attack.