Annapolis All-Stars youth sports league returns after two-decade absence

Following a two-decade break, the Annapolis All-Stars youth sports program is getting back to Annapolis this mid year.

The All-Stars originators are a couple Stanford Womack Sr. what’s more, Shirley Womack, who have their sights set on reinforcing connections and aiding the adolescent locally the manner in which they did when they began the program in 1989. The couple is collaborating with their child, Jonathan Womack Sr., and a gathering of devoted volunteers, some of whom partook in the program’s most memorable cycle, to resurrect it.

“We see kids outside with lots but idle time,” Stanford Womack Sr. said in a meeting in June. “Couple that with kids being fundamentally hostage in their homes and neighborhoods because of COVID-19, so we simply have a need locally.”

The athletic program is set to start toward July’s end. Those keen on joining can join at The Bates Middle School Complex from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. Early enrollment closes July 15 and football training will start July 29. The All-Stars program is available to young ladies and young men, ages 4-13 and investment is free.

“We realize we can have an effect in these children’s lives, we’re simply utilizing sports to stand out enough to be noticed,” Stanford Womack Sr. said.

Womack initially began the All-Stars with his significant other in the last part of the 80s to get kids into sports as well as to give scholastic projects and mentorship, he said. Which began with just two football crews in 1989 developed to eight by 1991. Afterward, the program extended to incorporate 13 b-ball groups and six ball clubs and four cheerleading groups.

On some random evening during the program’s prime in excess of 120 children would assemble in the cafeteria of Bates Middle School for concentrate on corridor, hear from powerful orator who gave bits of knowledge about existence, or go on field outings to local universities, Womack Sr. said.

“Anything that presented the children to things they wouldn’t get presented to in any case,” he said.

At the core of the association’s main goal was to work on the social, financial, and mental abilities of the youngsters they serve through mentorship, sports and schooling. Everything that the All-Stars were to the local area they desire to be once more, zeroing in on getting the children the activity and extra help to be better balanced citizenry.

“Ability, training, steadiness and assurance were the associations establishing standards and we are so glad to have the option to bring it back since it’s what the children need,” said Shirley Womack, fellow benefactor and secretary.

In 1996, the Womacks ventured away to devote time to Stanford’s new development business. The program served north of 500 children before it in the long run disbanded formally in 2001.

Over 20 years after the fact, the association will return under a somewhat unique name, The Annapolis All Stars II, Inc., and will offer occasional games, similar as a secondary school plan.

While the name isn’t the very same, the mission is. The Womacks are utilizing mentors and guides that saw the effect of the All-Stars firsthand. Larry Dobson, a baseball trainer for Arundel High School, will act as an All-Star baseball trainer. Dobson’s 12-year-old child will likewise be partaking in the program.

“From center school and underneath these children don’t have a lot of help around here,” Dobson said in a meeting. “I’m from Annapolis and I simply love what the program addresses. So anything that assistance or assets I can offer I will bring it.”

Eric Beavers, who partook in the program during the 1990s, said he was eager to assist and show support for the up and coming age, everything being equal.

“What the All-Stars were to us growing up, what the Womacks have been to our local area is simply indispensable,” Beavers said. “I live in Howard County now yet on the off chance that my children were more youthful, I would bring them out to Annapolis just to be a piece, everything being equal. One way or another, I will help the Womacks when I can on the grounds that they helped me.”

The coordinators are looking for gifts and sponsorships to help pay for garbs and hardware. All commitments are charge deductible. Checks ought to be made payable to Annapolis All-Stars II, Inc., Silopanna Road, Annapolis, Md. 21403.