Experts: Impose tax on foods with high-calorie to prevent fatty liver

Experts have asked the government to impose tax on high-calorie food and beverage to reduce consumption of such foods as one out of three people in Bangladesh are suffering from fatty liver.

They said at least 10 million people are at risk of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

The experts also called for using legislation to ensure that the food industry improves the composition of processed foods like reducing trans and saturated fat, sugar, and salt content.

They made the recommendation at a seminar on Wednesday.

The experts also laid stress on promoting water consumption instead of soft drinks by making drinking water easily accessible to children and adults in public facilities including parks, playgrounds, schools, and worksites.

They also called for mandatory nutritional labeling, as well as labeling of calories on menus of fast-food restaurants.

Speakers at the seminar said that deaths from liver diseases are being viewed as a serious public health problem worldwide.
In medical science, inflammation of the liver due to the accumulation of excess fat is called steatohepatitis.

The dangerous sequel of fatty liver disease is non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, they said.

In the undiagnosed and uncontrolled situation, the fatty liver begins to move dangerously towards the state of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

In addition to causing inflammation in the liver, fat accumulation in the liver also affects it badly. The prevalence of the disease is increasing at an alarming rate in Bangladesh as well as in the world.