Ukraine attack news from February 24: Russian powers storm Ukraine, regular folks escape Kyiv, west uncovers new endorses

Western pioneers gave a volley of judgments and compromised retaliations for Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin on Thursday requested troops into the nation and requested Kyiv’s military set out its weapons in what the future held Europe’s most exceedingly awful struggle since the subsequent universal conflict.

UN secretary-general António Guterres cautioned that assuming the tactical activity lead to a summed up war it would be hard to gauge the quantity of passings and dislodged individuals.

US President Joe Biden blamed Putin for sending off a planned conflict that will bring a disastrous death toll and human misery.

Nato assembled a crisis conference of its top dynamic body, its boss Jens Stoltenberg criticizing Russia’s careless and unmerited assault on Ukraine, which jeopardizes incalculable non military personnel lives.

In these dim hours, our considerations are with Ukraine and the honest ladies, men and youngsters as they face this unjustifiable assault and dread for their lives, European bonus president Ursula von der Leyen said.

Boris Johnson, UK state head, said Putin had “picked a way of gore and annihilation by sending off this unmerited assault on Ukraine, adding: The UK and our partners will answer unequivocally.

This is a horrible day for Ukraine and a dim day for Europe, said Olaf Scholz, German chancellor. The Russian assault on Ukraine is a glaring break of global regulation. Germany censures this foolish demonstration of President Putin in the most grounded terms.