Two shot dead before Bangladesh High Commission in Kolkata

Two individuals, including a police officer, were killed in an irregular shooting close to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission office in the Park Circus area of Kolkata. The episode occurred around early afternoon on Friday.

As indicated by police and onlooker sources, a furnished constable out of nowhere begun shooting haphazardly from his SLR. A lady was riding a cruiser out and about at the hour of the shooting. He was shot dead when a police constable started shooting at him. The motorbike driver was likewise harmed. The lady killed in the shooting was distinguished as Rima Singh. His house is in Dasnagar, Howrah. He had been reserving ‘Rapidido’ cruisers through the application.
Police constable Chodupa Lepcha, who was shot after the lady fell out and about, shot herself in the neck with a SLR in her grasp and serious self destruction on the public street.

The departed Lepcha was accountable for security at the police station of Bangladesh High Commission. He joined the work today after a vacation. Yet, at around two in the evening, he abruptly began terminating arbitrarily with his SLR. Witnesses said he discharged 10 to 15 shots quickly. Lepcha found a new line of work in Kolkata Police a year prior.
Lepcha associates told police Lepcha was experiencing mental sorrow.

The episode occurred 50 meters from the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission office in Kolkata. Alarm spread all through the Park Circus region after the episode. During the terminating, individuals began running from one side to another.