Spokesperson Nupur Sharma

Spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who has been temporarily expelled from India’s ruling party BJP, cannot be arrested until August 10. Even if a new case is filed against him elsewhere in the country during that period, he cannot be arrested. No repressive measures can be taken. The Supreme Court of the country gave this order on Tuesday.
On May 26, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma made derogatory comments about the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in a TV program. There was great excitement in the country and abroad around that comment. In trouble, the BJP temporarily expelled Nupur from the party. The Indian government also said that the comment

Since then, cases have been filed against Nupur in different states of the country including Delhi. Nupur appealed to the Supreme Court to consider all the cases in one state court.

During the hearing of that petition on July 1, Supreme Court Justices Suryakant and JB Pardiwala made very harsh remarks about Nupur, saying that he single-handedly set the entire country on fire. He should apologize to the countrymen. In view of that comment, Nupur withdrew his RG.

Justices Suryakant and Pardiwala directed to send notices in this regard to the states where cases have been filed against Nupur. The Central and State Governments were also directed to issue notices to ensure his security. The first complaint against Nupur was filed in Delhi. Later, cases were filed against him one by one in West Bengal, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Jammu-Kashmir. The Kolkata Police has also issued a notice against Nupur as a fugitive.

In response to the questions of the judges, Nupur’s lawyer said in the court that since the first case application has been filed in Delhi, the trial should start in the Delhi High Court. The court may take a decision on this issue in the next hearing on August 10.