Not only Bangladesh, India is also benefiting from the Padma Bridge

Not only Bangladesh, India is also benefiting from the Padma Bridge

Ever since Eid, a record number of Bangladeshi tourists have come to Kolkata’s New Market. Local traders have not seen such a crowd in the last 50 years.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the visionary of the bridge, inaugurated the Padma Bridge on June 25. It was opened for all types of vehicles from the next day. A day after this, direct passenger bus services on the Kolkata-Dhaka-Kolkata route through the dream Padma bridge began from June 27.

It was already thought that the tendency of Bangladeshi tourists to go to Kolkata would increase by crossing the Padma Bridge in just 6 minutes instead of the suffering of ferry crossing, and this bridge fulfilled that expectation.

Businessmen say that they have not seen such a crowd of Bangladeshi tourists in Kolkata even in 50 years. Tourists are roaming from here and there with their luggage without finding a place in food shops and residential hotels. A room of 1000 rupees does not match even 2000 rupees.

A tourist said, the cost here is high. There was a 2 year lockdown. At that time they did not have business so they are doing business at this time.

A local person said, those who could not come for a long time due to Corona like Khulna, Dhaka are coming again. Kolkata is returning to its previous state of affairs.

Shyamoli Paribahan Calcutta manager Liton Dhar said, thousands of people are coming from Bangladesh. Hotel not available. People are on the streets.

However, a crisis has also been created in the meantime. Due to the arrival of a large number of Bangladeshi tourists, the price of the Bangladeshi taka has suddenly dropped slightly. A week ago, 100 Bangladeshi takas were equal to 81 rupees, but now they are getting 78 rupees.

Aggrieved Bangladeshi tourists say that the correct value of money is not available. Traders are paying as much money as they want.

Currency trader Nirmal Bera said that the price of dollar has increased. The value of the Bangladeshi rupee has fallen. Those who bring money from Bangladesh are suffering from many problems.

According to private estimates, earlier, where an average of 3 to 3.5 thousand tourists used to enter India through the Petrapol border of India-Bangladesh, now it has increased to about 7 to 10 thousand.🔱