Migrant Steady Stream Crossing Rio Grande into US

Earlier this week, a shocking helicopter video revealed hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande to join an encampment under a bridge in Texas.

The footage was captured by drones that are being used for surveillance along the border with Mexico. The United States Border Patrol said Monday that it had arrested more than 22,000 people entering illegally from Mexico since October 1st.

This video is described by Dr Mchugh as “a shocking indictment of the Western establishment’s attitude to this issue”.

A member of Laredo Border Patrol describes how they are working in dangerous conditions, dealing with the constant threat posed by human smugglers and drug cartels who are smuggling everything from marijuana, through cocaine to hard drugs like meth.

The human smugglers are so confident that they’ve even been filmed by the drones openly soliciting immigrants to join their camp under a bridge.

It’s not just the United States who is dealing with this issue, Dr McHugh reports on how Italy has taken action to prevent migrants landing on their shores after more than 900 died when their boat capsized .

Dr McHugh also comments on the hypocrisy of the liberal left who appear to be very vocal about this issue in Europe, but are quiet when it comes to talking about what is actually happening at the southern border with Mexico. The United Nations has called for $59 million in aid for Haiti after Hurricane Matthew devastated the impoverished nation.

Dr Mchugh also reports on how the United Kingdom is apparently getting ready to accept hundreds of migrants from Calais as they close down the migrant camp known as ‘The Jungle’.

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Dr Michael L. McHugh is a pastor, theologian, teacher and writer who holds degrees in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary (PhD), St Vincent College (MS) and St Francis College (BS). He has lectured at Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Whitefield Theological Seminary and the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge University. Dr McHugh is also a regular contributor to Spero News , where this article was originally published.

He has written several books on theology and philosophy including “The Kingdom of God” (2014), “Christian Theology: An Introduction” (2015), “The Gospel of God” (2016) and “One With Christ: Reflections On Philippians 2.5-11” (2017).

Dr McHugh’s latest works are a series of children’s books entitled ‘The Little Ship Books’ which will help kids learn about the