Instead of ferries, the Padma Bridge is for the southern residents

Row upon row of cars waiting for the ferry. Wait hours after hours.

Patient ambulance, passenger bus or freight truck – everyone is in the same circumstances.

Crossing the launch-speedboat again raise the risk.

This endurance is multiplied many times in the organization of

festivals to cross the fast flowing Padma river.

Madaripur residents are habituated to seeing this image.

This crisis is going to end on June 25. The dream Padma Bridge will be open on that day.

Vehicles will run from dawn the subsequent day.

The journey will end in 6-7 hours.

The people of Madaripur are overwhelmed with this.

They say the 22-year long wait is coming to an end with the inception of this bridge.

Since laying the base stone in 2001, they have dreamed of resolving this travel crisis.

That dream is going to come true on June 25.

On this purpose, the mood of the festival is prevailing in Madaripur.

All the installations including roads are being renovated.

What will be the benefit of the people of Madaripur – such was the question of the residents there.

They told Jago News that they had to wait for hours for the ferry. This long wait is coming to an end.

We are getting rid of all the suffering – this is the greatest achievement.

We thank Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for this.

Madaripur district Awami League general secretary Kajal Krishna told De Jago News,

“We are happy with the news that the long-awaited Padma Bridge is being launched.”

We are preparing to welcome Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the mastermind of this happy news,

and to make the inauguration of the Padma Bridge colorful.

What will the people of Madaripur benefit from the Padma bridge? In response to such a question,


Madaripur will be economically dynamic.

Industrialization will take place in Sadar, Shibchar Upazila and adjoining district Shariatpur.

There will be national and international infrastructure in this area around the Padma Bridge.

We hope that this will lead to massive socio-economic development of Madaripur.

Maruf Hossain, a resident and student leader in Madaripur,

told Jago News that we had to wait for three or four hours before crossing the Padma River.

Now I can pass it in a few minutes, it feels good to think.

Not only Madaripur but everyone in the south will get emotional relief.

People would feel uncomfortable, people would die in ambulances waiting for the ferry, many would suffer.

Get rid of these. In fact, it was a dream for us,

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made our dream come true, I thank her.