Catalan club Barcelona wants to recognize Messi for life

Lionel Messi left Barcelona in August last year to join PSG, ending a long 21-year relationship. Although Messi is determined to stay at Camp Nou until the last day,

President Juan Laporta has forced to leave La Liga due to financial constraints. However, the Argentine superstar  complained many times that he  have stayed at the club if the president had tried.

There has been a lot of confusion about that. Laporta, meanwhile, said he was still shocked by Messi’s message to give him eternal recognition.

Speaking at the Barcelona General Assembly, Laporta said of Messi, “If anyone has any great ideas about honoring Messi, I will support him and lead the plan.”

Whatever he given to Bar্সa, then we have to give him some eternal recognition. ‘

What the Argentine superstar has done for Barcelona in the last 16 years, no one else in the club has done in the last 100 years.

After his departure, the club  completely disbanded. Where the race for the league champion is forgotten, all their efforts go to finish the league from any four.

However, in the end, thanks to Xavi Hernandez, they both managed to finish the league. Club officials were told that Messi’s departure  have such tragic consequences.

Although bad for the Argentine superstar, the club president did what he needed to do for a debt-ridden club at the time.

Referring to one of the toughest decisions in life without Messi, he said: This is not a bad thing at all. We did what we had to do at that time.

But we can’t let the special honor he deserves from us ruined because of that. ‘

Messi has scored 62 goals in six appearances for Barcelona’s main team in his 18-year career. No other footballer has scored so many goals for a particular club.

During this time he has won the club 10 Champions League titles and 4 Champions League titles. He has also tasted multiple trophies, including the Copa del Rey,

the Spanish Super Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup. Laporta should not be able to forget all his achievements.

Recalling those memories, he said: “I hope we can do something very soon (honoring Messi) for a player who has given us so much joy and a moment of achievement.

No one can imagine the last 20 years of Barcelona without him. At that time, he was the inspiration of all the teams of the club. ‘

According to the ESPNFC, Barca wants to honor Messi at a great event at Camp Nou in 2024. Meanwhile, his contract with PSG will end in 2023.

Barাa are waiting for the football wizard to return to Camp Nou at the end of his contract with Paris. However, it all depends on Messi.🔱