Biden takes tumble during bicycle ride.

US President Joe Biden stumbled from his bicycle on Saturday as he halted to welcome allies during an end of the week outing to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

He had all the earmarks of being unharmed subsequent to standing up right away. “I’m great,” Biden, 79, said after the tumble, which happened before correspondents. “I got my foot up to speed,” he said.

The president, who was wearing a bicycle protective cap, said the toe confines on his bicycle ought to be taken out after his foot got found out before he could consistent himself.

Afterward, Biden endured a few minutes visiting with individuals who had assembled to watch him bicycle.

Biden and first woman Jill Biden were wrapping up a morning bicycle ride in the Gordons Pond region on the Delaware shore. They denoted their 45th wedding commemoration on Friday.

The White House said the president didn’t need clinical consideration.

As the president said, his foot got found out on the pedal while getting off and he is fine,” said a White House official who didn’t wish to be named. “The president anticipates enjoying the remainder of the day with his loved ones.”

Asked how he was feeling while at the same time rising up out of chapel later on Saturday, Biden did a progression of jumps prior to entering his vehicle.