Winter Olympics: What are the medications test rules and how treated Valieva do?

It has placed the spotlight back on the issue of competitors doping to improve their presentation.


Valieva helped her group, the Russian Olympic Committee, win a group gold. In her presentation she turned into the main lady on the planet to finish a fourfold leap.

Nonetheless, the International Testing Agency revealed that she had bombed a medications test from an example gathered in December.

Valieva tried positive for trimetazidine, outer connection which is normally given to individuals with the heart issue angina. It is on the restricted rundown for competitors since it has been demonstrated to assist the heart with working better.

What is doping and how could it be tried?

A few competitors consume medications to work on their exhibition, giving them an out of line advantage over their rivals.

Those utilized incorporate anabolic steroids, chemicals, heart medications, opiates like marijuana, and beta-2 agonists (meds utilized for asthma control).

Competitors’ blood and pee are tried for execution upgrading drugs by researchers working for the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada). outside connect

Wada needs to drive doping out of sports after a long time during which numerous countries, like the previous East Germany, regularly gave their rivals execution upgrading drugs.

What are the punishments for doping?

Competitors can be precluded from occasions and made to hand back their decorations. They can be prohibited for quite a long time from playing any game – either contending in it, preparing for it, or instructing it.

They might need to likewise need to pay fines.

There have been calls for Russian competitors to be restricted totally from the Olympics, in any event, while contending in an impartial Olympic Committee group.

How has Russia defied doping guidelines previously?

In 2016, Russia was uncovered to have worked a state-supported doping program across summer and winter Olympic games.

This included altering tests at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, which Russia facilitated and in which it beat the award table.

A Wada exploring commission uncovered outside interface that the public enemy of doping organization, Rusada, gave competitors early notification of tests, annihilated a large number of tests, tormented doping control officials and their families, and accepted hush money to conceal missed tests.