Why Labuschenne didn’t call Tendulkar ‘Sachin sir’ – fan questions

Sachin Tendulkar tweeted. Marnus Labuschen likes to see Tendulkar’s joy at the return of cricket at the Commonwealth Games. This Australian batsman therefore made a comment on Tendulkar’s tweet. What else did he know, Indian cricket lovers and Tendulkar-fans will fall in the face of this comment!
Cricket has been included in the Commonwealth Games again after 24 years. India and Australia faced each other in women’s T20 cricket yesterday. Before that match, Tendulkar wrote on Twitter, ‘Good to see cricket returning to the Commonwealth Games. Hopefully, this will bring our game to a new audience. All the best to Indian girls in Commonwealth Games cricket.’

Labuschenne’s comment on Tendulkar’s tweet was, ‘Agreed Sachin, starting with the Australia vs India match, it’s quite exciting.’ The comment was very simple. Labuschenne did not say anything against Tendulkar either.

However, there is only one reason why the comment did not go down well with Tendulkar fans. Labuchen addressed Tendulkar only as ‘Sachin’. They feel that Tendulkar has been disrespected here.

Why Labuschenne did not call Tendulkar ‘Sachin sir’ is the question of his fans. One of them was angry at Labuschenne’s behavior and wrote, ‘When he was inaugurated, you were wearing a nappy, so show him some respect!’

The extent to which the Tendulkar-fans are angry will be evident from one or two more comments. One even advised Labuschagne to learn good manners and wrote, ‘Learn to behave properly. Sachin sir is like your father. And of course Sachin sir is the god of cricket. So call him “Sir”.

Labuschenne’s tirade of Tendulkar-fans does not end here. A Twitter user wrote, ‘Said “Sachin”? No Indian player talks to him like that. Show some respect.’ Another wrote, ‘Marnas, show some respect. He is a legend and has made India proud. In addition, he is your senior.

However, India’s women did not get off to a good start in Commonwealth Games cricket. After winning the toss and batting, India scored 154 runs for 8 wickets. At one point, losing 5 wickets for 49 runs, the Australian girls won the match by 3 wickets with 6 balls in hand.