What Nato weapons from Afghanistan are meaning for Kashmir’s hostility

Bombs and weapons utilized in Afghanistan by aggressors and US powers are advancing into India-regulated Kashmir, raising feelings of trepidation that they could support an Islamist insurrection nearby

India’s top enemy of fear body, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), is examining whether Kashmiri aggressors utilized a “tacky bomb” on Friday to focus on a transport conveying Hindu travelers. The assault killed four individuals and harmed 24.

The Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Fighters, a less popular assailant outfit, asserted liability regarding the attack, saying the transport was designated with a tacky bomb, a sort of Improvised Explosive Device (IED). These bombs can be connected to a vehicle and exploded from a distance.

The utilization of a tacky bomb by Kashmiri assailants is a moderately new peculiarity. In February 2021, Indian security powers held onto many such bombs during strikes in India-managed Kashmir.

These bombs were routinely utilized by aggressors in Afghanistan against Nato powers. Indian security authorities say their presence in the revolt damaged valley doesn’t forecast well for the district.

Indian military authorities likewise say that they have found more weapons that have American stamps on them.

Afghanistan’s line with northern Pakistan is near India-directed Kashmir, which makes it more straightforward for aggressors to cross into the contested region.
After the Nato powers pulled out from the conflict torn Afghanistan last year, the Indian military found US-made M4 carbine rifles from a few unfamiliar assailants killed in various pieces of India-controlled Kashmir.

Recordings showing aggressors conveying M249 programmed rifles, 509 strategic firearms, M1911 guns, and M4 carbine rifles have additionally surfaced. Additionally, more than twelve Iridium satellite telephones and Wifi-empowered warm symbolism gadgets that assist aggressors with penetrating securely and avoid security cordons, particularly during the evening, have been found in Kashmir. These weapons were likewise utilized by the US powers in Afghanistan.