US requests Iran discharge held onto big haulers, group

The United States joined Athens on Monday in firmly denouncing Iran’s capture of two Greek-hailed oil big haulers in Gulf waters and requesting their quick delivery, considering the kidnappings a “danger to sea security.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias concurred in a call “that Iran should promptly deliver the held onto vessels, their cargoes, and their teams,” State Department representative Ned Price said in a proclamation.

Iran’s proceeded with provocation of vessels and obstruction with navigational privileges and opportunities are a danger to sea security and the worldwide economy,” Price added.

“The United States remains with Greece, our key NATO Ally and accomplice despite this ridiculous seizure,” he said.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards held onto the Greek big haulers in the Gulf Friday, days after Athens affirmed it would convey to Washington Iranian oil it had seized from a Russian big hauler.

Tehran said Saturday the groups of the two big haulers were “healthy” and not nabbed.

The groups, Greece expresses nine of its residents are among the boat laborers, however has not indicated the quantity of different mariners ready, have stayed on board the two big haulers.

Greece has censured Tehran’s seizures as “commensurate to demonstrations of robbery” and cautioned its residents not to go to Iran.

The Revolutionary Guards, the philosophical arm of Iran’s military, had said it held onto the big haulers “because of infringement”, without expounding further.

Greece expressed one of the big haulers had been cruising in worldwide waters, while the second was close to the Iranian coast when it was seized.

Athens said Iranian naval force helicopters had landed shooters on the two big haulers.