Unruly Passenger Questioned After Emergency Landing

A passenger aboard a LaGuardia-bound plane that had to make an emergency landing in Charlotte, North Carolina was questioned by authorities after the flight. The unruly passenger’s name has not been released but it is believed he may be from Queens County. The identity of the man is currently unknown and officials are still investigating what his motives might have been for causing such a disturbance.

The unruly passenger was caught on flight recorders and surveillance cameras entering an unauthorized area of the plane while it was at the gate Unauthorized people were not allowed in that area, said United Airlines spokeswoman Karen May.

After authorities arrived, they confronted the man who allegedly began becoming aggressive towards them. The crew aboard the plane repeatedly told the man to return to his seat before he began running throughout the plane. The incident report states that there were more than 100 passengers aboard but witnesses on board say that number may have been closer to 150 people.

Witnesses on the flight reported that they heard several loud noises and then saw smoke coming from underneath one of the passenger seats. The smoke had begun to rise throughout the cabin and several passengers were seen covering their mouths and noses with their clothing.

The man responsible for causing this disturbance was quickly apprehended by authorities but not before he caused serious harm to several people on board that flight, including a female passenger who became nauseous from the smell of burning chemicals. Passengers onboard the plane also reported a burning sensation in their throats and small children were heard crying from behind closed doors.

The man responsible for causing this disturbance was taken into custody but later released because he did not violate any laws. He was allowed to continue on his way to New York, leaving many upset passengers questioning why he was not punished for what he did.

I was on this flight, said one passenger who chose to remain anonymous. I’ve flown more times than I can count and have never seen anything like this before in my life. It’s unacceptable that he just gets to walk away with no consequences whatsoever. Who knows what he will do next time?

We reached out to the LaGuardia-based Federal Aviation Administration for a comment from their side of the investigation but they have not responded as of this writing.

It is expected that the FBI will follow up on the incident and try to find out just what caused this young man to create such a disturbance. If you have any information about this incident or if you were the man responsible, please contact the FBI New York field office at (718) 354-0222.

Please remember that this is a completely anonymous service. We ask that you provide as few details as possible so that your tip can be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement officials. Thank you for your help and cooperation!

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