Truss will receive 1 lakh 15 thousand pounds a year, objectors

Liz Truss has been Prime Minister for only 45 days in the UK. Even if he steps down from the post of Prime Minister, according to the law of the country, Truss will receive a lifetime allowance of 1 lakh 15 thousand pounds a year. But opponents say the Truss should not take this allowance at this time of recession. Because, he has only brought disaster for the country. News from CNN.
Truss announced his resignation last Thursday. He is the longest serving Prime Minister in British history. Truss was criticized for his failed economic plans while in power. He has to deal with the divided ruling party.

The Trust will still receive special allowances under the UK’s Public Duty Costs Allowance (PDCA) if it steps down. In accordance with the law introduced by the British government in 1990, the former prime ministers of the country are allocated living allowances. This allowance is given to former Prime Ministers for office, secretarial expenses and public duties.

The UK government’s website says the allowance is meant to cover the real cost of public service.

All former Prime Ministers can draw this allowance under PDCA.

Opposition political leaders and labor unions are against granting the allowance to interim Prime Minister Truss, despite the allowances given to predecessors. The UK is in its worst recession in 40 years. Fuel prices are also high. In this situation, they urged the Trust not to take this annual allowance.

Allies of former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also say the trust should not take the allowance.

Truss will receive £115,000 a year for the rest of his life while people struggle to pay bills, struggle to keep the lights on, one tweeted. This allowance will be paid from people’s tax money.
A Prime Minister who has been in power for 6 weeks causing disaster should not be given this allowance, said the Twitter user.

Downing Street did not say anything to CNN when asked about whether Truss will take this allowance.