This time India-Pakistan has to pay the fine

Due to slow over rate both teams were punished in the match that day. In the end the fielding had to be adjusted with one less fielder outside the 30 yard circle.

But the punishment of India and Pakistan did not end there. Now the cricketers of both teams have to pay 40 percent of the match fee. In a statement today, the world cricket governing body, ICC, announced the punishment.

India-Pakistan played their first match in Asia Cup last Sunday at Dubai International Stadium. India won the match by 5 wickets in the last over. In that match, neither team could complete the bowling within the allotted time. India managed to complete 18 overs, Pakistan 17 overs.

According to the new ICC rules introduced this year, if the first ball of the 20th over is not bowled within the allotted time, one less fielder must be kept outside the 30-yard circle for the rest of the match, that is, one less fielder must be brought inside the circle from five.

On that day, India had to bowl the last 2 overs and Pakistan the last 3 overs (actually 2.4 overs) with four fielders outside the circle.

After the match, referees Masudur Rahman and Ruchira Palliaguruge, third umpire Rabindra Bimalashree and fourth umpire Gazi Sohail formed official complaints against the two teams under section 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct.

Match referee Jeff Crowe took cognizance of the complaint and fined both teams 40 percent of the match fee at the rate of 20 percent per over.
No trial was necessary as India captain Rohit Sharma and Pakistan captain Babar Azam accepted responsibility.