Things to do in bike care

Things to do in bike care

Things to do in bike care

Bikers feelings about the bike always work more. But do not damage the bike that you have bought as a hobby because of some small mistake of yours.

Whether you own a new or old bike, it is your responsibility to ensure that it stays good and safe for a long time.

But sometimes we make mistakes that damage our hobby bikes. But we cannot understand this loss at all. So let’s know some bike maintenance tips that will keep our hobby bike safe for a long time.

1. The first mistake we make when buying a new bike is that if a friend or acquaintance wants to ride the bike for a while, we immediately give him permission. This cannot be done at all. Because your riding style is not the same as the riding style of others.

2. Engine oil should be taken care of while riding a bike. In buying a new bike, the bike’s engine well needs to be checked.

If you want to use the bike for a long time, you must use good quality engine oil

Things to do in bike care

3. Many people install security alarms to activate the bike’s security system. However, where you go to install the security alarm, take care not to cut the wiring of the bike and install it.

4. If you want to activate the security system by cutting the wiring of the bike, you will not be able to make a warranty claim. So it is best to use GPS for security.

5. If you want to increase the durability of the bike, you must not use your bike rough. The engine also gets hot if you ride the bike continuously for a long time. So try to take breaks and ride the bike.

6. The longevity of the bike depends on proper care. After buying a new bike, regular bike servicing is required. After using the bike for a long time this servicing becomes more important. But many people do not want regular servicing. Due to which the stability of the bike decreases and various complications arise while driving.