Theresa May questions Aukus Pact

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of England has announced that she will not be signing the latest treaty proposed by Aukus. The treaty, known as the “Aukus Pact” would lead to war over Taiwan if enacted. This announcement will surely have a huge impact on world affairs in coming years and signals a major change in international relations for decades to come.

“It’s obviously an extremely regrettable decision for us” stated Aukus spokesperson Celine Lafontaine. “We understand that the goal of some Taiwanese people is independence, but this symbolizes a lack of appreciation towards one of our most important allies. It has never been so clear how aggressive the UK government can be.”

Taiwan, a self-governed island in the Pacific Ocean and one of China’s last territories is placed between China and Japan. The Aukus pact would force war on its participants if Taiwan was to declare independence or invade other countries. This represents a major shift for the UK government as it has always had strong ties with Taiwan even when they were under Japanese occupation.

The UK never recognized the People’s Republic of China in the past and had always been a major supporter for Taiwan in various international issues.

The Chinese mainland naturally welcomed this decision by the UK government and said it would consider opening more economic and infrastructure deals in Southeast Asia to further strengthen their influence in that region.

“Finally Taiwan has been abandoned by its allies. This will surely have a huge impact on the Taiwanese people’s way of thinking and perhaps lead to them recognizing how important it is to return under Chinese rule.”

demanded an immediate explanation from Aukus. Although Aukus has not given an official statement, some British officials have stated that the treaty was “just too one-sided”.

“I believe this is just a formality and we will resolve this with China before it gets out of hand.” added Lafontaine on France 24.

Although May’s decision will have a major impact in world affairs, it is still unknown what China will do to deal with this situation.

“It’s an absolutely terrifying prospect not knowing what the Chinese government might decide to do” said one Taiwanese citizen that chose anonymity. “There was a time when i thought Aukus would ensure peace around the world for years to come, but now i’m not so sure.”

Theresa May’s decision was heavily criticized by the UK media over the past few weeks already. Many British citizens are angry at their prime minister for “selling out” Taiwan to China after they promised to defend them against any foreign invasion, especially considering that it would be unconstitutional as it is not a NATO member.

“Some may say that this is a good time for Taiwan to declare independence and avoid war, but the government has been under SoKung rule for years now and it would be difficult to hold an election in such short notice”, said another Taiwanese citizen living in the UK. “It’s true that Aukus may not be the best option as it’s a rather new government but i still think it is much more preferable than returning under Chinese rule. We must stay united and stand strong for Taiwan.”