There is also water, NASA announced surprising information

There is also water, NASA announced surprising information

There is also water, NASA announced surprising information after discovering a new world

Bangla Hunt Desk: Secrets are hidden in every part of this vast universe.

And scientists have been engaged in long research for years to uncover that mystery.

However, this time a surprising information has come forward.

It is known that recently the American space research agency NASA has discovered a new world.

According to the information received, it is known that this world is located about 37 light years away from our planet.

Not only that, its mass is almost four times that of our planet.

  • The planet, named “Ross 508b,” orbits an M-type star.
  • Just like our planet revolves around the sun.
  • The most amazing thing is that in this new world a year is completed in about 11 days.
  • Note that M-Type stars are redder and cooler than the Sun. Also, it emits less light.
  • These red stars are found in abundance around our solar system.

In fact, they span three-quarters of our galaxy

There is also water, NASA announced surprising information

In this case, it is known that this newly discovered planet also has the presence of water.

which is considered a very important logistics for exploring the possibility of life.

According to media reports, NASA’s Exoplanetary Encyclopedia lists a

total of 5,069 discoveries, 8,883 candidates and 3,797 planetary systems.

Accordingly, this super earth was discovered in 2020.

It is known that the astronomers of the University of Canterbury have already seen this undiscovered planet.

Which is one of the planets with the same size and mass as Earth.

In addition, there is a host star, which is about 10 percent of the mass of the Sun.

Incidentally, the mass of a super-Earth is between that of Earth and Neptune.

In this case, according to the study’s lead author Dr. Herrera Martin, this finding is very rare.

The Subaru Telescope was used to search for this super-Earth, just like Earth. Infrared spectrographs are also used.