The world's oldest magellanic penguin

The world's oldest magellanic penguin

The world’s oldest magellanic penguin

The world’s oldest Magellanic penguin has died at the San Francisco Zoo in the United States. He died on Wednesday. The penguin was 40 years old.

Zoo authorities said in a statement that the male penguin, named Captain Eo, lived longer than the average lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Captain Eo is named after Michael Jackson’s short film of the 1980s. All the penguins in the colony have died in the San Francisco Zoo with the death of Captain Yo, the Magellanic penguins that started the colony’s journey.

The penguin lost his sight and hearing due to old age. Special methods were also used to feed him.

The penguins of South America are called Magellanic penguins. They can grow up to 2 feet in length and weigh up to 6.4 kg.

The world's oldest magellanic penguin

Captain Yo was brought to the zoo in 1984 with 52 other wild magellanic penguins to build a penguin colony.

Quinn Brown, curator of birds at the zoo, says Captain Yo’s behavior has always been very elegant.

He never snatched or crowded other penguins. Instead he would sit in his own place and wait for food.

The curator added that Captain Yor had 27 children, 31 grandchildren. These grandchildren also have 6 children.