The irregular start of selling TCB products on family cards

Many dealers have complained about delays and procedural complications in hiring dealers. Many said that the work of making the list of family card holders has not been completed, so the sale of products has not started.

TCB on Wednesday officially started selling pulses, sugar and soybean oil to family card holders through dealers, ending the ‘truck sale’ program of selling products at affordable prices in the market.

Dealers have been appointed in 26 grocery stores in Dhaka’s South City Corporation area and 18 in North City Corporation area. Besides, dealers are being appointed at district, upazila and divisional level.

After contacting five dealers in Mirpur, Khilagaon and Pallabi areas on Wednesday, only one person was seen selling products at TCB prices. Everyone else was busy depositing money at the TCB office.
Rana, who owns Rana Enterprise, a shop in Mollapara, Mirpur, for Ward 13 in North City, told at around 3pm: As a result, I could not deposit any more money tomorrow. I will deposit the money in the bank today and get the product delivered tomorrow, then the sale will start. ”

Mirpur extended Pallabi ration distribution dealer Khan General Store. Golam Rasul Khan said, “I received a message last night to hire me as a dealer. So I could not deposit money with TCB. ”

He said he was also sitting at the TCB office at 12 noon on Wednesday. Now I know that I have to deposit money in TCB’s account in Trust Bank.

“Now I am going to sort everything out and deposit the money. Will give a slip from the bank. You have to collect the product from TCB later with that slip. ”
Another dealer scheduled for Pallavi called Bismillah General Store and found it closed.

In front of Mostafa Traders in Sepahibagh Bazar, North Goran in Ward No. 2 of Dhaka South City Corporation, cardholders have been queuing to buy goods since 12 noon. The sale of goods started around 1 pm.

As seen, the shopkeeper first puts the card information in a tile notebook. Then he provided 2 liters of oil, 2 kg of lentils and 1 kg of sugar for 405 rupees.

The dealer is signing the first cell out of the 14 consecutive cells of the card. The whole process takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

The seller of Nasima store in Ward 3 of South City said, “We have understood the product. But the sale could not be started as the list of the concerned wards was not ready. ”
TCB chairman Brigadier General Ariful Hasan told on Tuesday that except for the flood-hit Sylhet region, family card holders will start selling products simultaneously across the country, including Dhaka, on Wednesday and will continue till July 5.

Due to the floods, sales of TCB products will start on June 28 in Madaripur, Shariatpur, Gopalganj and Munshiganj districts.

A person holding a family card can buy one kg of sugar at Rs 55 per kg, two kg of lentils at Rs 85 per kg and two liters of soybean oil at Rs 110 per liter. During this period a cardholder can buy these products only once.dfdg