The Indian plane finally landed in Dubai

The Indian plane finally landed in Dubai

The Indian plane finally landed in Dubai

After a long 11 hours, a SpiceJet flight with 137 passengers left for Dubai again. The Boeing 737 made an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Karachi airport on Tuesday (July 5th) after a mechanical fault occurred after taking off from Delhi.

Pakistani authorities say the Indian plane  allowed to land on humanitarian grounds.

SpiceJet flight SG11 left New Delhi, the capital of India, for Dubai on Tuesday.

Shortly afterwards, a mechanical fault appeared in the middle of the sky.

The pilot  forced to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport in Pakistan.

According to a report by the Indian news agency ANI, there were 137 passengers on board.

After landing, everyone safely disembarked from the plane.

However, no details  given about the circumstances under which the plane landed in Karachi.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s aviation authorities said the pilot of the plane contacted

Karachi airport and asked for permission for an emergency landing.

Later, humanitarian considerations  allowed.

Another plane  sent to Karachi after the incident. After a long 11 hours, the passengers boarded the plane and left for Dubai.

It learned that the aircraft in Pakistan  brought back to Delhi after the mechanical problem resolved.🔱