The first voluntary death of a 44-year-old man in Italy

In Italy, a 44-year-old man was paralyzed from head to toe. He was allowed to die with the help of doctors.

The sick man died voluntarily on Thursday.

The man who died this way was named Frederico Carboni. With the help of special machines, medicine was given to his body to kill him.

His friends and family were in front of him at his last moment.

Announcing his death, the Luca Cossioni Association, a campaign in support of euthanasia. They have been campaigning for a long time about Carbony.

He used to drive a truck. He was paralyzed after the accident ten years ago. According to the Luca Cossioni Association, Carboni said before his death,

“I am sorry to hear that. But I tried my best to survive. Not possible anymore. Physically and mentally, I have reached the end of my life. I am floating in the sea like a boat. ‘

There was a 24-hour helper for Carbony. Independently he could do nothing. “Now I can fly wherever I want,” he said before leaving.

Thus, under Italian law, aiding and abetting someone’s death is a crime.

But in 2019, the Constitutional Court ruled that there could be minor exceptions. But it requires strict conditions.

In 2019, the Italian Supreme Court allowed euthanasia in some cases.

But the Roman Catholic Church and conservative parties strongly oppose it.

The court set a number of criteria in their direction. Only those doctors are allowed to give life with the help of those criteria.

One of the criteria is that the patient will never get better, he will always be dependent on others for his livelihood and he is suffering unbearably physically and mentally.

And he will have the consciousness that he will be able to decide his own death.

Carboni received a death sentence from the Ethics Committee last November.

He then raised five thousand euros to end his life. That amount of money was urgent for drugs and machines.🔱