The Best Hotel Deals

If you’re looking for a great deal on a hotel room, one of the best times to find it is at the last minute. Hotels are often willing to offer discounts if they have rooms left over from their reservation lists, and this can be especially true if there is an event in town that has caused hotels to fill up. For example, many summer festivals offer discounted rates for concert goers who might not be able to make it until after the festival ends. If you want access to some of these amazing deals, stay tuned!

They will be known as Spacemanz! Our talented staff of young people have already started work on some amazing decorations that will create an environment of mystery and adventure for our hotel guests. We’re working hard behind the scenes putting together some super cool new features that will be coming to the rooms in July. I could tell you what they are, but then I’d have to call security and have them remove you from our property…..

Spacemanz is definitely not just for kids! It is equally important to us that adults can enjoy their stay too. There are lots of cool features coming to the rooms that will be sure to please.

Our redecorated guest rooms are going to be unveiled in July, right around the time the area celebrates “Pancake Day”. Who doesn’t love pancakes? And of course there is always wonderful weather leading up to our local fair.

What better way to welcome our hotel guests than with fresh fruit and delicious pancakes? One of the new things they can expect is a free hot breakfast served every morning. This will be offered in the newly redecorated restaurant that has been renamed “Spacely’s Diner”. I hope you like gravy because there will be lots of it!

Our wonderful new hotel guests will also find that “Spacely’s Diner” has expanded the menu to include some otherworldly items, like Hot Dogs and Turkey Legs. They can order any of these items right at their table or even pick them up from the takeout window if they want to take a stroll around the theme park. The special Space menu will be available from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and is included with their stay


We’ve also installed some new decorations in the lobby area, so it should be easy to spot our main entrance. If they do happen to miss it, we have a special attraction just outside that will be sure to catch their attention. All aboard! Our new sky tram has just opened for business, and it will take our guests right into the center of Spaceport USA where they can enjoy some fantastic attractions, including “Comet’s Cafe” or any of our thrill rides.

The sky tram will be operating continuously between Spaceport USA and our main entrance until 2:00 AM. If they get hungry during the early hours of the morning there is a 24 hour snack bar located in the parking lot that offers all the tasty treats they can handle!

They will be able to choose from both a “Twinkle” sleep package or an exciting “Buzz” sleep package! There is no extra charge for this feature, and it is included with every reservation. The Twinkle Packages give our guests access to some amazing bedding that includes their very own “Twinkle Star Blanket” to take home as a souvenir. There is also a plush pillow that will help them drift off into delightful dreams.

Included with this package is a CD of relaxing music that will put them in the perfect mood for bedtime. In fact, they might not want to leave their room after they experience these amazing amenities!

The Buzz Packages will give them the chance to sleep under a blanket of stars and dream about flying through space. These packages include a CD with music and soothing sound effects that create the perfect environment for sleeping in outer space. There is also a shimmery fabric “Space Blanket” included so they can take a piece of Spacemanz home with them.

We are so excited to have our wonderful new hotel guests at Spacemanz! We are working hard behind the scenes putting together some super cool new features that will be coming to the rooms in July.