Taiwan shot down the drone

Taiwanese troops have shot down a ‘civilian drone’ on the small island of Xi’an, located some distance from China’s territory. Taiyan claimed that the drone had entered ‘protected airspace’. This is the first such incident in the ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan.
Meanwhile, Robert Sayo, the founder and former chairman of the chip maker United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), announced to give 30 million dollars for civilian training to strengthen Taiwan’s defense system. With this money given by one of Taiwan’s billionaires, 3 million “civilian warriors” will be created in the next 3 years.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last month. Beijing sees his visit as a snub to internal affairs. The visit is the most tense situation between China and Taiwan in the last few decades.

China considers self-governing democratic Taiwan as part of its territory and will take it by force if necessary. Taiwan, on the other hand, considers itself independent. And the US has full support for democratic Taiwan. The US believes the islanders have the right to decide their own future.