Survived by taking shelter in the refrigerator

An 11-year-old boy named Jesse from the Philippines has survived a landslide using his intelligence. Floods and landslides have hit the country since Hurricane Magi hit the country. Authorities found Jesse lying inside the refrigerator during a rescue operation. He was later rescued from there.

According to a report in the New York Post, Jesse was at his home in Bebe, Philippines, last Friday. Sudden landslides begin. At this point Jesse takes refuge in a large refrigerator in their home.

According to the police, Jesse survived in that refrigerator for about 20 hours. Rescuers later found the refrigerator lying on the bank of a river. It was stuck in the mud. Jesse was then rescued and lifted on a stretcher. After being rescued, Jesse says he is very hungry.

Police said Jesse did not lose consciousness during the rescue operation. However, one of his legs was broken. He was rushed to hospital with first aid. At present his condition is stable. However, Jesse’s mother and younger brother are missing. Her father died in the landslide.
The New York Post reports that more than 200 villagers were injured in the landslide in the Bebe area. In addition, more than 162 people were killed. More than 20 lakh people have been made homeless. Rescue teams are continuing to search for the missing.