Sonia will take the final decision on Pik’s ‘4M’ plan

In 2014, the Congress lost to the BJP. Since then, the party has seen one election defeat after another. The Congress, India’s oldest political party, has lost 90 per cent (state and central) elections in the last 10 years. Sonia Gandhi is trying to get out of this circle. Meanwhile, Prashant Kishore, also known as Votkushali, has held several meetings with party president Sonia Gandhi at the country’s polling booths. News is also circulating that he wants to join the Congress. He has given a detailed plan on what should be the goal of the party in 2024. Meanwhile, Prashant Kishore has submitted the ‘Four M’ plan for Congress to Sonia and the top leadership of the Congress. Sonia Gandhi will make the final decision on her goals and role.

A few days ago, Prashant Kishore went to Sonia Gandhi’s residence and held a meeting. At that meeting, he made a proposal regarding the position of the Congress in the 2024 elections. A committee has also been set up by Congress to review the proposal. Sonia has been asked to plan for 360 seats. Prashant Kishore told the Congress that they would have to fight for 360 seats, not 543 seats. The Congress is already strong in 360 seats. These seats could be a direct battle with the BJP. Moving forward with this goal can bring good results. He also proposed to leave the remaining 183 seats for allies in different states.

What is the ‘Four-M’ plan of Prashant Kishore
After Prashant Kishore’s meeting with Sonia Gandhi on April 16, veteran Congress leader KC Benugopal said that Prashant Kishore had submitted his plan ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The plan includes ‘Four-M’. Those four-Ms of the voting crew include messages, messengers, machinery and mechanics. Prashant Kishore also reminded that the BJP is fighting hard on Hindutva, intense nationalism and welfare projects. Prashant Kishore has also proposed alternatives in this regard before the Congress.

Prashant Kishore said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah run the BJP. However, they have appointed a person like JP Naddar as the president. Prashant Kishore has said that whoever becomes the party president should not be the prime ministerial candidate.

There are successes as well as failures in the hands of a peaceful teenager. Successes include BJP coming to power in 2014 and Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, Nitish Kumar becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar, Trinamool coming to power for the third time in West Bengal. However, in 2016, PK failed to take charge of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

Before the 2024 elections, state elections will be held in Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. In these states, Prashant Kishore has proposed what is the strength of the Congress, where are the weaknesses, potential candidates, building a WhatsApp group at the booth level.

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